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Positive Aging with Aspire

Rika Granger, LCSW-C, is our onsite therapist at the Rockville Senior Center on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 10:00 to 3:00. for our Positive Aging Program.

You can schedule an appointment with Rika by calling the Senior Center at 240 314 8800. You can also register for one of her many support groups that are listed in the City of Rockville Recreation…

Mental Health Crisis

Todays Washington Post headline:
462 fatal shootings. 124 of those shot were in the midst of a mental health crisis, including dozens who were suicidal.
Inside the Post is the story of a local mother who had been suffering from poor mental health. Unbeknowingly she pushed her 3 yr old on a swing for nearly 2 days. The boy died.…/782b7c92-1f5b-11e5-84d5-eb3
Seek help. For…

Empathy and Patient Care, When Working with People with Life-Threatening Illness

Continuing Education Credit for social workers, psychologists and counselors: 3 credit hours

Participants will learn about research based clinical interventions to help those facing a  life-threatening illness cope with complicated medical, psychosocial, and spiritual needs. Medical advances and information will be presented including the importance of assembling an eective medical/behavioral health team and the shifting historical perspective in the role a…

Our Founding Mothers

Aspire Counseling recognized its founding mothers today -today we recognized three extraordinary Montgomery County mental health pioneers: Posey Rogolsky, EdD, Janet McKee, LCSW-C, and Bonnie Tyler, PhD.  Posey founded Aspire Counseling as “The Child Center” in 1978.  Janet McKee and Bonnie Tyler joined Posey when The Child Center was still in its infancy. All continued to work into their eighties and nineties…

Aspire Counseling in Washington Parent Magazine

Aspire’s award winning program, ‘Healthy Mothers, Healthy Babies’ was featured in this months Washington Parent Magazine. The program helps low-income uninsured and medicaid eligible women recover from pre-natal and post-partum depression by providing free home-based therapy.  Aspire Counseling Washington Parent Magazine…

Mothers Day Is Not Always Happy

This Mothers Day please make a donation to help low income uninsured women recover from pre-natal and post-partum depression. Aspire Counseling’s community-based program ‘Healthy Mothers, Healthy Babies’ provides free home based therapy to low-income, uninsured County women diagnosed with maternal depression. Connecting women with community resources (food assistance, diapers, baby goods) is a fundamental part of the program.  Maternal depression in low-income…

Charity Day at Lord&Taylor will benefit Aspire

Aspire Counseling has been chosen to represent a handful of Gaithersburg non-profits for Lord & Taylor’s Charity day.

Tickets are 5$ and entitles you to great discounts valid in-store only on Saturday May 2nd — for two 30% off single item coupons (sale items included), one 20 % off store-wide savings pass and 10% off cosmetics and fragrance, a rare promotion. You can…

Friday November 21 – Gender Variance: What Mental Health Providers Need to Know About Working with the TransGender Community, Hani Miletski, PhD, MSW

In this workshop, Dr. Miletski will describe the diversity within the transgender community and will focus on various gender issues mental health providers may encounter in their work.  Specifically, Dr. Miletski will discuss the phenomenon of Cross Dressing, Gender Dysphoria and Intersex, with emphasis on treatment options and modalities.

Dr. Hani Miletski is an AASECT (American Association for Sexuality Educators, Counselors and…

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