Community Programs

Outside the office, Aspire runs low to no-cost community-based behavioral health programs. Our community-based programs began in 1998, to help meet the needs of the growing county population who were struggling to make traditional office-based appointments due to financial, cultural and language barriers.

Our first community-based program was AMIGO, which was later adopted by the county to become Linkages to Learning, which still operates in County schools today.

In 2003, we began (and are still the only clinic in Montgomery County) to offer in-home therapy at no-cost to underserved women and children with perinatal depression via our Healthy Mothers, Healthy Babies program.

In 2005 we placed our therapists in local senior centers to help elderly residents to find joy in aging – this is our Positive Aging program. We remain the only mental health clinic in the county to offer this service.

In 2006, we were the first mental health practice to integrate mental health care with primary care. Today, our therapists work onsite at Mobile Medical Care clinics throughout Montgomery County to help serve patients’ somatic and behavioral health needs.

Community Programs