Integrated Health

Aspire Counseling is proud to partner with Mobile Medical Care, a primary care clinic that serves 4,000 Montgomery County low-income residents. Our bilingual mental health therapists work on site at Mobile Medical Care primary care clinics throughout Montgomery County. This onsite location allows Mobile Medical Care doctors who are concerned about their patients’ mental health to personally accompany them down the hall to introduce them to one of our therapists. This adds considerable opportunity and ease for mental health and primary care professionals to work in tandem, providing high quality care to some of our County’s most vulnerable residents.

Our on-site bilingual behavioral health services:

  • Help patients manage stress, depression, and/or achieve lifestyle changes
  • Promote better management of medical conditions such as diabetes, asthma and cardio-pulmonary functioning, headaches, and acute or chronic pain.
  • Help physicians address concerns such as parenting problems, identifying ADHD and learning disabilities, and coping with a chronically or severely ill family member.
  • Screenings for anxiety and depression and trauma
  • Triaging of patients to determine their mental health condition;
  • Providing short-term counseling for patients;
  • Making social service referrals;
  • Monitoring patients’ compliance and response to psychiatric medication prescribed by their primary care providers
  • Transport vouchers and subsidies to help patients get to clinic appointments.
Integrated Health

Integrating behavioral health services in the primary care setting is a great way to mitigate stigma and facilitate access. Aspire therapists display the expertise, openness, and cultural competence that our patients need.

Peter Lowet

Executive Director of MobileMed

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