Trauma Informed School Awareness Program

Aspire Counseling Trauma Informed School (TIS) Awareness Program is designed to meet the growing needs of Montgomery County area schools to address and care for trauma-affected students.
Research now shows trauma undermines children’s ability to learn, form relationships, and self-regulate emotions. Without proper treatment, children who experience trauma have a higher risk of long-term mental health disorders.

Our teachers are on the front lines and must be given the support they need to address trauma’s impact on learning. Aspire’s TIS program trains school personal to recognize trauma in their students and offers on-site counseling and mentoring so to help school confidently address trauma signs and symptoms.

The program has three components:

Trauma Informed School
Trauma Informed School
Component 1

Training Montgomery County Public School personnel on What is Trauma, Types of Trauma, The Language and Science of Trauma, What is a Trauma Informed School , The School’s Role and the Ten Essential Items for implementation as recommended by The National Child Traumatic Stress Network. To date Aspire has trained over 1,200 MCPS personal.

Component 2

A Trauma Therapist is available at certain schools to counsel students and families who show signs and symptoms of trauma. The therapist also runs in classroom presentation and group sessions in life skills.

Component 3

A Mentor/ Therapist works with school personnel to guide, educate and help implement the ten essential items needed to make the school a ‘Trauma-Informed School.’

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