Counseling Services for Children & Adolescents

When dealing with the mental and emotional health of your child, sometimes the guidance of a professional can illuminate the underlying issues your child is experiencing.

Many children are unable to express the complexities of having emotional or mental problems. Counseling can be an excellent option to explore the causes of your child’s issues.

Children from 5 and older can attend counseling session at Aspire. Every age within this range falls into the realm of child counseling until they are adults and no longer need children’s counseling techniques.

We have a child therapy wing and dedicated child therapy rooms. Techniques used by our therapists include:

Cognitive Behavior Therapy

Psychodynamic Therapy

Family Systems Therapy

Short-term Solution-Focused

Crisis Management

Play Therapy

After school and Saturday appointments for our child therapists fill up quickly. Please call our Intake Coordinator to find out our current availability.

Download our brochures: Child Visitation and Talking to a Child About Death


A young boy had intense anxiety related to his health. When sick, the child felt he wasn’t “breathing right.” He worried he had a fatal illness, insisting his parents take him to the emergency room. The boy and his therapist used play therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy and mindfulness to challenge his fears. He has made a lot of progress. Instead of being terrified he has a fatal illness, he can identify the anxious thoughts and use relaxation techniques to calm himself. He uses breathing and distraction techniques to stay calm – and he has not been to the ER or doctor since starting therapy.

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