Counseling Services for Seniors

Aging can be a time to find meaning in a life fully lived. It can also be a time of despair. Nearly one in five seniors (20%) have a mental health problem that is more than “normal,” and not just “aging.” Yet, less than 3 percent of older adults report seeing a mental health professional for their problems.

Aspire Counseling offers office- and community-based therapy, workshops, and support groups to seniors in Montgomery County. We take Medicare (for which the copay is only $13) and several other insurance plans.

Seniors may experience anxiety about one’s health; grief over the loss of a loved one; retirement; acting as a caregiver for a loved one; isolation and socialization; retrofitting one’s house for fall risk and safety; downsizing; financial security; and, family conflict.

End of Life Care: We provide counseling and guidance with decision making and documentation for your end of life care. Your Medicare coverage now provides payment for this service as part of the End of Life Care Act, passed in 2016.

Rika Granger, LCSW-C, our Positive Aging Therapist specializes in helping seniors tackle emotional discomfort, as well as plan for end of life care. She is welcoming, reassuring, and focused in her work with her clients.


I have clients who face health complications, social isolation, retirement and issues with adult children. I help them understand their psycho-social stage of life as it compares with the stages of their adult children and their grandchildren. I help them address the anxiety about their health through accepting uncertainty with the strength and wisdom they forgot they still have.

We’re here for you.