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Adrienne, Donor

I can relate first hand to how mental illness can affect not only the one going through it, but the family as well. My heart goes out to those who can not afford mental health care. The work that Aspire does does has such a positive domino effect that many don’t even realize. It makes me happy to know your clients find their way to your doors, and to know I can help in a very small way. Keep up the good work!

Adrienne, 2017 Donor
Kensington, MD

As a veterinarian, I’m intimately acquainted with the benefit that pets bring to people’s mental health. I see the positive impact of interaction with pets daily, and I have a great responsibility to help clients care for their pets. Pets help manage stress, help us cope with difficult life events, and promote emotional stability. They are also an important source of routine which can help people focus on normalcy in the face of instability. They teach responsibility and nurturing skills, and promote physical activity. I get to know many of my clients very well, and it’s very important to me that I can foster my clients’ mental health by helping to maintain their pets’ physical and behavioral health.

I believe that health care – both physical and mental – should be equally available to everyone. Since this is unfortunately not the case, it’s vital that we have organizations like Aspire. Healthy citizens are the foundation of healthy communities, and supporting those in need benefits everyone.

Kristy Bennett, DVM
Montgomery Village Animal Hospital

Montgomery Village Animal Hospital
Montgomery Village Animal Hospital
Montgomery Village Animal Hospital
Montgomery Village Animal Hospital

Having access to mental health and wellness services is something many of us (with company provided healthcare) take for granted. Aspire strives to serve everyone regardless of income and that’s what inspires me to give. I also believe mental health is important at every stage of life, from childhood to adolescence through adulthood. Talking to our children about how to maintain good mental health is something I hold close to my heart. If we can break the stigma around mental health and teach our children at a young age how to cope with life stresses in a healthy way, I feel we are doing our job as a society. Aspire should be very proud of the community they serve!

Jen, Donor

Jen, Donor

Where Will My Donation Go?

Your donation goes directly to the mental health services we provide to children, adults, seniors and families who cannot afford to pay and are underinsured and uninsured. You can make a note about which program you would like to donate to.

Free Counseling for Seniors

Aspire therapists work on-site at local senior centers to help people find joy in aging. For more information visit our Positive Aging Program page.

Low Cost Counseling

Aspire offers low-cost counseling on-site at primary care clinics for those with chronic illness and trauma. Travel vouchers are available for those who need help getting to an appointment.

Services for Moms and Kids

Aspire provides in-home therapy to uninsured, low-income mothers at no cost. Therapists visit mothers in their homes to help them overcome prenatal and postpartum depression.

Aspire Counseling

We were founded as the Child Center in 1978. Forty years on we continue to provide therapy for children. Mental health is one of the most important issues facing our youth today.

In 2019 we are helping students from Montgomery County Public Schools via our Trauma Informed School Awareness Program.